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Eoghan Quigg's debut album, the worst reviewed pop album of the century, and the failed nature of a mentality about absolutes

2019.04.03 13:14 radiofan15 Eoghan Quigg's debut album, the worst reviewed pop album of the century, and the failed nature of a mentality about absolutes

The internet was a mistake. At least that's might be the mentality of those who, like me, started using it as soon as social networks started to catch up around 2005 (I’m showing my age, I know)... sure, that mentality might seem a little bit too ''old man yell at clouds'' for most (mostly younger) people, and I agree with that sentiment to some extent, but even the most fervent defenders would agree that the current climate has helped rise a society based on absolutes: everything is either the 'best of' or the 'worst of' something, there's no middle points allowed; you either think Trump is the Antichrist/a clown/a Russian puppet or you consider him the God Emperor and Savior of the Free World, you either dislike Chris Brown or else you get called a misogynist pig, you're with us or you're against us.
That kind of mentality has been everywhere since at least 2008, when it became quite a rite of passage for folks on the Internet to hate on the Twilight Saga, with the reasoning for ranging from the ludicrous (sparkling vampires) to the somewhat more reasonable (the treatment of the main relationship)... and yet most of the people who crap on those films do so without properly watching them; a similar sentiment can be found on popheads threads about Azaelia Banks, a woman who (and I’m saying this as a huge fan) is truly in need of some heavy medication and lots of apologies, that tend to get filled with people casually reminding everyone how much of an awful person she is even if the point of conversation is around her music (conversations like those are important, but they have their place) that they haven't even properly listened to, similar to how people trashed the Twilight movies without having watching more than maybe a couple of trailers and some isolated clips here and there. This, of course, is not an attempt to paint Azaelia as some sort of martyr, but mostly an example for the purpose of this post.
It took 10 years for people to reevaluate the Twilight movies, with detractors recognizing how the movies might work better separated of their cultural context and fans recognizing some actual flaws within the film themselves, but that's the exception not the rule, as a circlejerking around the majority's opinion tends to form on certain places: movies loves the 2011 movie Drive and director Christopher Nolan, Tumblr loves TV shows like Supernatural and Sherlock, and even popheads have a somewhat unhealthy obsession around Carly Rae Jepsen's E•MO•TION; I’m not criticizing the concept of loving those things but rather the idea of people who might not understand why some people do.
The current wave of media reviewers on YouTube was originated from people like The Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic, who build their audience from trashing classic but poorly received media (videogames and movies respectively), in an ironic twist most of that media needed to have a pre-conceived notion as being bad in order for them to find it and talk about it, something that tends to repeat with almost every vlogger who uses a similar format like Lindsay Ellis, Todd in the Shadows, the Rap Critic and Anthony Fantano... sure, I understand that some of the aforementioned names are not exactly trashing everything they review, but most people only pay attention to the negative reviews. As an example of the last point, try searching for the 2010 M. Night Shyamalan film The Last Airbender on YouTube and see for yourself how almost every vlogger and their mother made a video about how bad is that movie, and although I understand their point and most of their reasoning, it always baffles me how most of them tends to dismiss some of the few bright spots of that movie... for the record, and before anyone asks, I like/love the music, some shots and few individual moments, the costume and production design, Dev Patel and Shaun Toub's performances, and the film's climax; even on the kindest reviews, one or two of these things gets mentioned as bright spots.

What's the point of all of this? this is not about The Last Airbender but rather about the only album by Northern Irish singer Eighan Quigg, who finished third in the fifth installment of the British (AKA the original) version of The X Factor in 2008. During the competition he normally finished on first place each week based on public voting and it wasn't unusual for him to get standing ovations, however he ended losing against Alexandra Burke and boyband JLS during the finals. Quigg signed a contract with Sony BMG after Simon Cowell revoked his offer to sign him on his label Syco. Quigg's debut album predominantly features cover versions of songs that Quigg performed on The X Factor, and one original song, 28,000 Friends: a weak and instantly dated pop rock track that was salvaged by critics as soon as it debuted.
Eoghan Quigg, the album, features 11 other tracks, all covers ranging from obvious choices like John Lennon's Imagine and Michael Bublé's Home to headcratchers like High School Musical's We're All In This Together and the Jonas Brothers' When You Look Me in the Eyes, while also throwing ABBA's Does Your Mother Know and Michael Jackson's Ben to complement the WTFness of the whole project. Although it debuted at #1 on the Ireland charts, the album quickly stalled and underperformed commercially, and Quigg was quickly dropped from his contract, he eventually tried to come back as one of the five acts that would try to represent Ireland on the 2014 Eurovision contest but he came on 2nd place during the competition.
During the 2009 Billboard Year-End rate someone asked me about my positive opinion on Lil Wayne's rock album Rebirth, which was immediately dismissed and forgotten upon release as a failed crossover attempt, and I outed myself as an avid consumer of ''so-bad-it's-good'' media, which I tend to enjoy sometimes on non-ironic ways; my faint interest on Eoghan Quigg came from its negative reception, as critics called it ''amateurish and redundant'' ''bad karaoke'' ''recorded so cheaply and with such little regard for the art of pop that the final product simply does not count as music'', with the album being ''so bad that it would count as a new low for popular culture were it possible to class as either culture... or popular''... obviously I had to listen to this album myself, and write about it because I love a good trainwreck and to write about them, and it would be relevant as the album celebrates one decade of release today; I was ready to trash this whole thing and destroy it to its basic core... but I couldn't, not because it didn't deserved it (it is truly bad) but because THIS is not the worst pop album from this century I've heard... IT'S NOT EVEN THE WORST COVERS ALBUM FROM THIS CENTURY, and that's not counting the Kidz Bop albums!
While listening to Quigg's weak and overprocessed voice singing those popular tracks turning them somehow into shallow and childish versions of themselves, I realized that I might have missed something, not exactly an X factor (see what I did there?) but mostly a reason why this is the worst reviewed pop album of the century so far (even Farrah Abraham's 2012 messy-piece My Teenage Dream Ended have its fair share of high-profile defenders) as it was, after all, quite harmless. Because of my inability to rip an asshole to this album, I changed the focus of this writing about something less tangible: make no mistake, Eoghan Quigg is not good, but that's MY (and lots of other people's) opinion and it’s not an absolute, as he definitely had his fans back on the day who might have enjoyed this album for one reason or another, and even though I gave it a chance I don't think I would be able to dismiss it on a similar fashion of those reviewers as I've heard way WAY worst records.

Let this be a lesson my fellow gays: Daddy-Wan Kenobi once said that only a Sith deals in absolutes, and start thinking that there might be a reason why someone likes something you dislike (and vice versa) even if you have a good reason for your love or hatred of it... we always joke about everyone's lack of taste (especially on rates), but I have seen things getting messier on other threads, especially when talking about controversial (or black) performers; me liking Michael Jackson's music doesn't made me a delusional stan/pedophile advocate, me disliking Allie X or Ava Max doesn't gave me a reason for trash them randomly just for the sake of being mean/messy/contrarian, and I apologize for that.
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2014.02.10 07:58 mrlenny94 I'm making a list of all the one hit wonders of the 2000's, here's all the songs so far. All 166 of them.

Keep in mind that the list is in BETA so feel free to suggest me songs and artists/bands.
All chart information is according to the Billboard Top 100.
Here's a few rules I made for the list:
  1. In order for a single to be classified as a One Hit wonder it has to be the only single by an artist/band to reach the Top 40 (places 1-40) of the US Billboard Top 100 at it's charting peak. The only exception to this is if the qualifying single is less than 10 chart places away from their highest single to not reach the top 40
  2. All singles must be either U.S. releases or Worldwide releases. All U.S. Releases must be noted.
  3. All singles must be released between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2009
  4. The list must be in order of Release Date from earliest to latest
  5. Any guest/featured artist/band that is not a one hit wonder on the single must be crossed out like this.
Song Title Band/Artist Release Date Peak Chart Position
All the Small Things blink-182 January 18, 2000 6
Another Dumb Blonde Hoku January 18, 2000 27
I Wish Carl Thomas February 15, 2000 20
Faded soulDecision March 21, 2000 22
Wobble Wobble 504 Boyz March 28, 2000 12
I Will Love Again Lara Fabian April 18, 2000 32
Around the World (La La La La La) ATC May 22, 2000 28
Dance Tonight Lucy Pearl May 23, 2000 36
One Voice Billy Gilman May 27, 2000 38
Gotta Tell You Samantha Mumba 2 June 2000 4
Dance with Me Debelah Morgan July 18, 2000 8
Who Let the Dogs Out? Baha Men July 25, 2000 40
Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Aaron Carter August 1, 2000 35
Absolutely (Story of a Girl) Nine Days August 14, 2000 6
No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) 3LW October 3, 2000 23
Crazy for This Girl Evan and Jaron October 6, 2000 15
South Side Moby feat. Gwen Stefani November 7, 2000 14
Butterfly Crazy Town November 13, 2000 1
So in Love with Two Mikaila November 14, 2000 25
Drive Incubus November 20, 2000 9
Who I Am Jessica Andrews November 20, 2000 28
Breathless The Corrs 16 January 2001 (U.S. Release) 20
Get Over Yourself Eden's Crush March 13, 2001 8
What I Really Meant to Say Cyndi Thomson March 26, 2001 26
My Baby Lil' Romeo April 13, 2001 3
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) Blu Cantrell April 17, 2001 2
Days Go By Dirty Vegas April 30, 2001 14
Something Lasgo 15 May 2001 35
Heard It All Before Sunshine Anderson May 21, 2001 18
I Wanna Be Bad Willa Ford May 29, 2001 22
Wherever You Will Go The Calling June 4, 2001 5
Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm July 24, 2001 23
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly Aaron Tippin September 17, 2001 20
Wasting My Time Default September 25, 2001 13
I Don't Have To Be Me ('til Monday) Steve Azar October 1, 2001 35
The Middle Jimmy Eat World November 5, 2001 5
Don't You Forget It Glenn Lewis November 6, 2001 30
Because I Got High Afroman November 27, 2001 13
Oops (Oh My) Tweet feat. Missy Elliott January 15, 2002 (U.S. Release) 7
Still Fly Big Tymers March 12, 2002 11
Ten Rounds with José Cuervo Tracy Byrd April 1, 2002 26
Addictive Truth Hurts April 23, 2002 9
Don't Know Why Norah Jones May 28, 2002 30
You Can't Hide Beautiful Aaron Lines August 5, 2002 38
All The Things She Said t.A.T.u. September 10, 2002 20
Headstrong Trapt October 18, 2002 16
Tell Me Smilez and Southstar October 22, 2002 34
Floetic Say Yes January 27, 2003 24
No Letting Go Wayne Wonder January 28, 2003 11
Emotional Rollercoaster Vivian Green February 18, 2003 39
Never Scared Bone Crusher feat. Killer Mike and T.I. April 8, 2003 26
Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh) Lumidee May 13, 2003 3
Angel Amanda Perez May 20, 2003 20
Wave on Wave Pat Green May 26, 2003 39
Damn! YoungBloodZ feat. Lil Jon June 16, 2003 4
I Want You Thalía feat. Fat Joe July 12, 2003 22
Did My Time Korn July 22, 2003 38
Neva Eva Trillville feat. Lil Jon & Lil Scrappy September 2, 2003
Why Can't I? Liz Phair September 8, 2003 32
Stacy's Mom Fountains of Wayne September 29, 2003 21
The Boys of Summer The Ataris September 29, 2003 20
Gigolo Nick Cannon October 18, 2003 24
(There's Gotta Be) More To Life Stacie Orrico November 18, 2003 30
Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) Eamon November 24, 2003 16
I Like That Houston feat. Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20 March 13, 2004 11
The Reason Hoobastank April 27, 2004 2
Heaven Los Lonely Boys May 4, 2004 16
Dreams Diana DeGarmo June 29, 2004 14
Scandalous Mis-Teeq 29 June 2004 (U.S. Release) 35
Turn Me On Kevin Lyttle 29 June 2004 (U.S. Release) 4
Lean Back Terror Squad July 6, 2004 13
Collide Howie Day July 13, 2004 (U.S. Release) 20
Broken Seether feat. Amy Lee July 19, 2004 20
1985 Bowling for Soup July 27, 2004 23
Listen to Your Heart DHT feat. Edmée November 23, 2004 8
Boston Augustana Circa 2005 (exact date yet to be confirmed) 34
Girlfight Brooke Valentine feat. Big Boi and Lil Jon January 10, 2005 23
Goin' Crazy Natalie February 22, 2005 13
B.Y.O.B System of a Down March 29, 2005 27
Make Her Feel Good Teairra Mari April 26, 2005 35
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz feat. De La Soul 9 May 2005 14
Inside Your Heaven Bo Bice June 21, 2005 (U.S. Release) 1
Girl Next Door Saving Jane August 8, 2005 31
Just the Girl The Click Five August 16, 2005 11
Here We Go Trina feat. Kelly Rowland September 22, 2005 17
Laffy Taffy D4L October 18, 2005 1
You're Beautiful James Blunt 13 December 2005 (U.S. Release) 1
Kryptonite (I'm on It) Purple Ribbon All-Stars January 6, 2006 35
For You I Will (Confidence) Teddy Geiger January 10, 2006 29
Ridin Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone January 12, 2006 3
Bad Day Daniel Powter January 17, 2006 (U.S. Release) 1
Hate Me Blue October January 24, 2006 31
Leave the Pieces The Wreckers February 7, 2006 34
What's Left of Me Nick Lachey February 21, 2006 (U.S. Release) 6
Crazy Gnarls Barkley March 23, 2006 2
Torn LeToya March 21, 2006 31
Miss Murder AFI April 3, 2006 24
Where'd You Go Fort Minor feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga April 14, 2006 4
Me & U Cassie April 25, 2006 3
Gallery Mario Vazquez May 2, 2006 (U.S. Release) 35
King Without a Crown Matisyahu May 2, 2006 28
I Loved Her First Heartland June 5, 2006 34
Stars Are Blind Paris Hilton June 5, 2006 18
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol June 6, 2006 (U.S. Release)
About Us Brooke Hogan feat. Paul Wall June 13, 2006 33
Do I Make You Proud Taylor Hicks June 13, 2006 1
Chain Hang Low Jibbs June 20, 2006 (U.S. Release) 7
Face Down The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus July 4, 2006 24
Shoulder Lean Young Dro feat. T.I. July 4, 2006 10
Through Glass Stone Sour July 22, 2006 39
Throw Some D's Rich Boy feat. Polow da Don August 15, 2006 6
Rock Yo Hips Crime Mob feat. Lil Scrappy August 29, 2006 30
Walk Away (Remember Me) Paula DeAnda featuring The D.E.Y. August 29, 2006 18
Pop, Lock & Drop It Huey September 19, 2006 (U.S. Release) 6
The Way I Live Baby Boy da Prince feat. Lil Boosie September 20, 2006 21
Here It Goes Again OK Go September 25, 2006 38
Here (In Your Arms) Hellogoodbye October 31, 2006 14
Push It to the Limit Corbin Bleu November 25, 2006 (U.S. Release) 14
Lost in This Moment Big & Rich February 19, 2007 36
Duffle Bag Boy Playaz Circle feat. Lil Wayne March 1, 2007 15
Wait for You Elliott Yamin March 13, 2007 13
Rehab Amy Winehouse 20 March 2007 (U.S. Release) 9
All Around Me Flyleaf April 2006 (exact date yet to be confirmed) 40
Lean like a Cholo Down AKA Kilo April 10, 2007 34
Icky Thump The White Stripes April 26, 2007 (U.S. Release) 26
Party Like a Rockstar Shop Boyz May 11, 2007 (U.S. Release) 2
Whine Up Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man May 15, 2007 29
A Bay Bay Hurricane Chris May 28, 2007 7
Hood Figga Gorilla Zoe June 19, 2007 38
Just Got Started Lovin' You James Otto July 3, 2007 27
Sorry Buckcherry September 2007 (exact date yet to be confirmed) 9
1234 Feist September 5, 2007 8
The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson September 18, 2007 (U.S. Release) 37
Independent Webbie feat. Lil Boosie & Lil Phat November 20, 2007 9
Dey Know Shawty Lo December 4, 2007 31
Untouched The Veronicas 8 December 2007 17
Potential Breakup Song Aly & AJ December 28, 2007 17
Addicted Saving Abel January 01, 2008 20
She Got It 2 Pistols feat. T-Pain & Tay Dizm January 8, 2008 24
Fall for You Secondhand Serenade January 21, 2008 21
Paper Planes M.I.A. February 11, 2008 4
Get Silly V.I.C. February 14, 2008 29
Shake It Metro Station March 7, 2008 10
Mercy Duffy March 21, 2008 27
American Boy Estelle March 31, 2008 9
Handlebars Flobots April 11, 2008 37
Shattered (Turn the Car Around) O.A.R. April 29, 2008 36
Love Remains the Same Gavin Rossdale May 1, 2008 (U.S. Release) 27
Spotlight Jennifer Hudson June 9, 2008 24
Corona and Lime Shwayze July 23, 2008 23
Crush David Archuleta August 12, 2008 (U.S. Release) 2
Pop Champagne Jim Jones and Ron Browz feat. Juelz Santana September 4, 2008 22
Second Chance Shinedown September 9, 2008 7
I Love College Asher Roth January 13, 2009 (U.S. Release) 12
That's Not My Name The Ting Tings January 27, 2009 (U.S. Release) 39
All the Above Maino feat. T-Pain February 17, 2009 39
Goodbye Kristinia DeBarge April 7, 2009 15
Ice Cream Paint Job Dorrough April 7, 2009 27
Wanted Jessie James April 14, 2009 40
Say Hey (I Love You) Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine Anderson June 2, 2009 18
Bulletproof La Roux June 21, 2009 8
Uprising Muse 4 August 2009 37
Drop It Low Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown August 9, 2009 38
Haven't Met You Yet Michael Bublé August 31, 2009 24
According to You Orianthi October 30, 2009 17
Pray for You Jaron and the Long Road to Love November 30, 2009 34
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Find the exact release date of these songs:
Song Band
Boston Augustana
All Around Me Flyleaf
Sorry Buckcherry
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