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PSA Regarding KN95 masks

2020.05.06 08:02 pdxredditBOB57 PSA Regarding KN95 masks

Hey folks,
I just wanted to make some of you aware if you are looking to purchase these from craigslist, FB or somewhere else. BEWARE is all I can say, 95% of the masks floating around are crap. China just did a sweep and eliminated hundreds of factories that were importing these things under false pretenses, claiming FDA/CE/CDC certified etc. Real KN95 mask sellers will be able to provide not just an FDA link to show the manufacturer is registered but also proof the shipment was sent with an EUA. This is an Emergency Use Authorization issued by the FDA when the factory is actually proven to send legitimate goods. This is hard to get since just shipping with an EUA is thoroughly documented from production lot tracking to reception in the USA by a valid importer.
Sorry this may sound like a rant but I know for a fact that many people are out there trying to protect themselves, their families and especially possibly wanting to purchase these for those on the front line fighting this thing.
Also i'm sure i'll get flamed for this but I am a valid importer so this is why im so pissy (this isnt a fn solicitation) and take this very seriously. I don't give a shit who you buy shit from but just make sure the seller can give you legit documentation or proof or whatever. These aren't worth the 5+ dollars that these assholes are trying to charge. Even now if someone pays over 3.50 for these they are getting gouged.
Be polite you pieces of shit!
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2015.09.08 23:04 fiplefip Free textured wallpaper (Williamsburg)

Free wallpaper Full and partial roles Two colors: creamy and light blue Must take all!
from Craigslist
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2014.06.04 13:12 mega_donkey Delusional welder says his work is professional and strong! Video and photos

This happened to me yesterday 6/4. I found an RV chassis on Craigslist that had been converted to a flatbed. Thinking it would have been a great vehicle to tow my 5th wheel RV with around the oilfield, I inquired about it. The guy tells me it's the original cab and RV chassis that he added a flatbed too. It was well out of my way so I paid my buddy some fuel to go up and look at it. What he found next was just incredible.
The frame had been cut in half and re-welded together. Why? If you make it far enough into the video, he said it's because the driveline wouldn't fit. How it was hacked together in the following photos speak for itself. It's unfortunate because it was a really cool vehicle and he seems like a nice enough guy. He's completely delusional as far as how good welding and fabrication should be. What started off as a sincere conversation turned into the guy justifying his work and how strong it is.
Frame photo #1
Frame Photo #2
Video link of our conversation afterwards.
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2013.08.01 21:20 HugePockets Si usan el Craigs list en Mexico?

Estoy buscando en mexico trabajo y piso. En EUA uso craiglist pero cuando busco craigslist/mexico falta mucho. No se si hay un sitio similar como craiglist que usan mas en mexico?
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2012.07.28 04:43 aHumanMale Help out a budding scooterist!

I just bought a scooter today. I have the title, but haven't gotten it registered yet. Bought the scooter from a craigslist ad thinking it was a Vento Hot Rod, but turns out it is a Bandit RC-150 (you can probably see why I made the mistake).
My trouble is, I can't find ANYTHING about Bandit scooters online beyond the occasional fossilized post on Who makes/made them, and did the company go out of business? What kind of parts are in it and is there anything I need to know/look out for?
If you can provide any information on the scooter that I now own, it would be MUCH appreciated, as the glorious interwebs seem to be completely dry on the subject. (Also, a link to an informative web site on Bandit scoots would be freaking awesome if such a thing exists.)
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